Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ceiling Fans

When we moved to the house that we are living in now, I wanted to have a ceiling fan in our living room. Simple reason was that we live on the third floor and the place is so urber warm especially in Summer. This is poise a problem when we have guests around and they can only seat around sweating in the living room.

However, our living room is not really suitable for a ceiling fan as the ceiling is so low that my husband can touch it by tipping his toes. Having a ceiling fan is really a health hazard! Hence we chose tower fans instead. Recently Dar's cousin, who came to look at our house, said that once we have a baby, we cannot use tower fans as there's a danger that our baby (actually any babies) will put their tiny fingers into the slits of the fan.

She suggested having a wall mount fan like this Fitzgerald that I found on Fanimation this fan looks so nice and cute unlike the conventional round wall mount fan we usually see. If we get this fan, we will want to put in the living room and the bedrooms in order to save on air conditioning too.

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