Sunday, August 10, 2008

The journey------> center of the earth

Watched this movie Journey to the Center of the Earth just now at Bugis, oh man it was a great choir watching this. (No worries, no spoilers involved) Starring Brendan Fraser (same man as The Mummy), Josh Hutcherson, Anita Briem as the 3 main cast.

I won't tell the story here but will just say the plot was planned, with little time to relax in between and peppered with several laughable points. If you immerse yourself in the movie, you will find yourself holding your breaths as they met with danger or wonder at the beautifulness of the setting. Or be scared by the creatures that appeared. Or the sadness when the truth was finally found out with regards to the aim of the characters in the movie.

However, I would feel that it's a bit too rushed as the characters don't seem to be to have gone through hush conditions and a lot of danger. Not much of discoveries by the characters. Rather, they are just confirming or going according to what was already there in the book (now what book is that?). It made me felt as though there's nothing new to see. The whole movie made me feel that it takes a damn short time to reach the center of Earth. Several points also made me wonder "How is that possible?" like when they found diamonds, rubies and emeralds all in the same room (oops spoilers~! just a minor one hoped you don't mind).

Obviously, this movie is made for light hearted viewing and not to be dwell too much in. Great for the kids and a lazy weekend for something fun. I will give it 4/5 for entertainment and 3/5 if for depth.

The cinema at Bugis Junction sucks by the way.

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