Monday, September 01, 2008

Bedroom Furnishing~

Having a new house is happy~ re-decorating an old house is exciting! I remember when I first got my house, we were having a hard time deciding just how we are going to furnish and decorate it. The color, the theme and how to get the furnitures we wanted. The most difficult part is deciding on the theme. Especially there are 2 (or more!) people who wants to decide.

The room that gave us the most headache will be the bedroom, which is the most important room. Especially when having a good night sleep in the room will count for our mood for the whole of next day, it's important to decorate and choose the Bedroom Furniture that we find ourselves most comfortable in. Bedroom furnishing is not just a bed frame, mattress, wardrobe and curtain. There are a lot of themes and styles to choose from. Especially nowadays, people look towards getting what they are most comfortable in like Modern Bedroom, Contemporary Bedroom or the ever so luxurious Italian Bedroom.

I do so love this style, so squeaky clean and bright. I will feel at ease and not a bit afraid of the dark lolx. A Japanese theme bedroom which I will want to use for our next house.

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