Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sitting in an Aircon Room

Sitting in an Air-coned room but still feeling like gagging. My eyes are tear-ing, itchy and uncomfortable. My throat is painful and sore. All because of you people who think that burning some pieces of paper and
joss sticks can protect you and your family from harm. YOU~! are causing more harm to me and those who are sensitive to smoke than ghosts are causing harm to you. YOU are causing more harm to the living things around you than ghosts can cause harm to you in your whole life! Sometimes I wish I can lock you in a room with no windows and let you burn those things as much as you like. I understand that these are all superstitious & religious beliefs (to me its bo liao cause I have no beliefs in such things) and its rude of me to scold you all because of your religion. (I can at least write in my blog right?) BUT please be more considerate by burning those things in containers with lid rather than let those ashes fly around like some ghostly movies wanna-be. (Otherwise burn in your OWN house so that the ghosts KNOW you give them so much and they won't come and find you) SO THERE!

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