Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Packing for Cambodia~~


Yoo Hoo~ The flight is Thurs early early morning and by now we should have finished packing.

Being a woman of few clothes (<-----my husband will give me the quizzical look when he read this). I should say a woman of few sleeved clothings. I had a hard time trying to find tops and bottoms to bring for the Cambodia trip. Sleeved clothings are recommended it seems. This is especially so when we go and visit temples and religious places though I'm more interested to go to places like the Killing Field and the Mine Museum. These are what I found (and bought.. yay~! Fila 70% sale!! Polo T for only $14++)....

A mess~ yeah I know .. don't be so Kan Chiong.....

Try out the combi first ... in case I look like an auntie going to the market....

Deuter bag I kop from Dar haha ... Cause I don't have back packs and not going to buy one.

Pack pack fold fold and they became neater right? Lolx .. but of course I won't be putting them into the bag like this ... will take up too much space.... So they will be rolled up... yes~! Rolled up. Especially the shorter and thinner clothings ... they can be rolled up and tucked into corners to save space.... No matter what I still have to put in a pair of sports shoes~~

Was struggling with what to bring for my going out bag... sling? or waist pouch? In the end I got a waist pouch... Although Siem Reap is not that a dangerous place, I am too kiasi to risk it.... a waist pouch seems safer... I'll just have to make sure no strange people loiter too close around me....

Got one in this erm ... UGLY shade of brown today... oh well... its the best design and size I can find ... I can put my passport, camera, wallet and handphone in there without bulkiness....

Yay~~~ finally finished packing.... Don't see that the bag looks very big its actually very very light as I tried to eliminate things that are unnecessary.... Now should I bring a towel??? (Lolx)

Looking forward to Siem Reap and hope my Camera won't die from over usage.... and that it won't rain cause I never bring poncho~~


  1. I like the blue shoes :)

  2. Take Care, have a safe trip :)

  3. Do update us when u guys r back. Happy vacation & take care!