Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Yoz I'm back


Yoz I'm back~~ and have a happy Children's Day~

Actually I'm back in Singapore since Sunday afternoon (1 hr delay eh Jetstar~~) but I can't and won't blog about the trip yet cos

1. I haven't got all the photos with me
2. (and the most important reason) I'm having CRAMPS!

give me the period~ ok... but please do take away the cramps~~~

why do women need a whole life of unequal opportunities, pain evey month and pain when giving birth?? No we don't need them.... (at least take away the cramps ya?)

I'll try to blog and put up the photos of the trip once I can .... ;D Hopefully I still remember much otherwise just go read Claire and June's blog ;D

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  1. Jeslyn!! Woooowwww... cambodia!! I saw the pictures on your fs..:-)