Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cambo Part 1... ok Part 2 if you include the packing part~


Went to Claire's house the night before the trip ... and well, I guess its just too obvious that none of us gotten much sleep lolx... I slept a whooping total of 2 hours before its time to get ready for the flight.

Having slight flu, lack of sleep and bloated-ness from hormone pills didn't really do my mood well... but since its a trip with June, Claire and Phil its gonna be fun ;D

(ok~ we are not bringing the pooh family along no matter how cute Eeyore looks)

A whole lot of people waiting for the check in. 3 lanes including one that was transitting at Phnom Pen. (There's 1 idiot group of people in the 3rd lane from Ngee *ahem* Poly making lots of noises and screaming/laughing like 3 yr olds with an excuse of going on a mission)

(Cost: S$259)

Though a short trip but I was still rather restless. Having a noisy bunch of poly students (who went woo~~~ when the plane set off) behind was not that much but its a trip too short for rest, too long for anything of interest. Only Claire seemed to be very active and keep taking photos of the scene outside the plane.

Yeah~! Finally reached Siem Reap International Airport. It looked like a resort more than an airport~ having a big area that seems to be reserved for a garden. Clean, decorated and organized area. However, we were delayed somewhat when we were stopped at the gate going out the airport. The guard there insisted on taking our declaration form which the Jetstar should have given to us but did not. So we waited there since the person refused to talk to us except for a "Wait" and a hand signal until one of the officers there finally passed us the declaration form. We proceeded to fill in the form and pass to the guard. And guess what? He didn't even look at it. He just gave us a satisfied smile that left us wondering whether his pay was on commission basis.

Van from Molly Malone was already waiting for us when we got out.... Hom took us (Cost: US$7 divided by 6) from the airport to the guest house. Along the way we saw bangalows perhaps influences from the French. Numerous Korean and Japanese restaurants no doubt to cater to the tourist crowd. Although end September was in the wet season of Cambodia but we heard from Hom that rain falls were still seldom and won't be there till Oct/Nov. Roads were dusty and though the sun wasn't particularly weak, the feeling wasn't uncomfortable like the humid weather in Singapore.

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