Monday, October 06, 2008

Mamma Mia~! & Painted Skin


Did a stupid thing today... I took my office penknief home~~ IN my handbag~~! Goodness knows why but I just did... perhaps I was too busy that I got too absent minded.....

Lolx did a movie marathon last Friday... okok~ was only a 2-movies-marathon but to us its a lot ... well 一时冲动not to say that the movies weren't nice but watching them all the way from 9+ to 2am is damn tiring.....


First show was "Mamma Mia~!"

Though the story wasn't much (I won't describe~ watch or read it yourself) but you will be captured by the beautiful scenery as well as the somewhat familiar ABBA songs featured in the movie. Most of the singers bring out the songs well with the exception of 1 or 2 ... though I think this is great cos it reduces the commercialism feel of the movie and brings you more into the story. (Too bad one of the ... erm ... "better" singer happened to be the most good looking one)

However, I think the movie would have gone even better if some parts of the plots weren't "fast forwarded er... so fast(?) for example in the last part in the chapel when Sophie was about to get married with Dominic.... I felt like someone had his fingers on the fast forward key and was quite difficult to catch since the mood of that part was rather slow. If the plot was to change a bit there or the pace slower, I would have given a 4/5 stars.... ok its 3.5/5 stars now so not much of a difference. I must emphasize that I did enjoy the movie since I was a sucker for not-so-dramatic musical and good vocals and familiar songs... ;D


画皮 (s~l~o~w~p~a~c~e~w~a~r~n~i~n~g)

The few lead actors and actresses were well chosen (except Qi Yu Wu whom I think looks a bit expressionless) especially Zhou Xun 周迅 (小唯) whom I really 佩服. She was able to bring out the feeling and the meaning with little words or even little actions.

However, I think there are too much focus on love (sex and nudity) and the relationship between men and women (human and demons alike). I thought the last part when 孙俪 (Xia Bing 夏冰) said "Now I know why I failed as a successful Demon Slayer (or something like that)... its because there's hatred in my heart" was nice. I think the director was trying to show that love can become hatred and the contrast between the 2. However I think he could have shown more scenes of her failure to slay demons as well as snap shots of why she had hatred in her heart. That can better tell the audience the contrast between love and hate.

There was a portion of the movie that got me angry ... it was when the male lead actor 王生 told the demon that he loved her but he cannot be with her because he had a wife 赵薇 (佩蓉). Maybe I read too much into the movie but to me if you love a person, you cannot love another. And if you already have a partner, there CANNOT be the feeling of love towards another person. Unfaithfulness doesn't only show in the actions... straying of the feelings is also unfaithfulness. To me that is.

I don't really fancy slow paced movies or TV shows so I don't really like this movie. Those who like to watch slow movies or those that focus on philosophy of love and life will like it (I think). Its not bad, I would give it 3/5 stars with a warning not to watch it late at night when you feel sleepy. Not that its scary. In fact I think its not scary enough.


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