Thursday, April 23, 2009


Heyo~ My computer died. Yes~ all because of Vista which stopped updating a year after the purchase. Gave me lots of problems with A LOT of pop ups asking for permission.... with only high and medium security level to choose from so I can't play some games (boo hooo~~ my 仙剑客栈) ;~( and watch porn (oops~ ;P) etc....

Currently using Dar's computer to check my 130 new mails *sweatz* and update blog. Oh well, I hope Jeff can come to my rescue and revive my comp + YX to DOWNGRADE the stupid VISTA (to me its upgrade). Then I can start to blog about Cheer Chen (Ahhhh~~~!!!!! Cheer Chen Cheer Chen) The Sun concert and the 签唱会we went to ~~~ I shaked her hand!!!! Wootz~~~!

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