Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of Birthday, Cheer Chen and Hot pot Culture

Ok~ Its now April 29th... nearly May and I am still blogging about my birthday in Mar (lolx~~~!)

These photos been uploaded since Mar and I haven't touched on them... thats the 魅力of 康熙来了which I've been chasing and watching. They made my day, making me laugh at 小S's actions and jokes though at the expense of other artistes.

My computer 复活了~~~!!! Yeah! Thanks to Ixpert Solution at Sim Lim (ok~ he's Yif's husband- Jeff) my computer revived and will continue to be under my violent use. However, my vista cannot be downgraded (upgraded in my point of view) due to its version. (Shucks~) But the auto update was turned off and I vowed to back up each and every one of my Cheer Chen's photos and music files.


Birthday cakes .. from my Dar at 12am of 6th Mar and of course the yearly ritual bouquet of Sunflowers to make my day ;D 

Been tired from travelling to/from work and work itself. Arrived at home about 11 + and was damn happy to see the flowers and Dar of course~

Thanks Dar, despite his embarressment in buying flowers (though I don't understand why) he managed to get a bouquet for me.


Mar 8 Cheer Chen's 签唱会

Was at Bugis Mrt station waiting for Claire when

Claire called and spoke in a secretive whisper ... '.... 买porn.... "

and I was like "HUH??? *whisper* porn?"

Claire: ".... porn ... porn.... PORN..."

and I was like "..."

Claire: "Ok~ stay put! I'll come and look for you"

the moment she reached, she walked past me right into the 7-Eleven look for ..... "STORM" the brand of sweets that will make us entitled to sign up as one of the 30 lucky ones to get priority positions at the 签唱会and of course the first 30 persons to go up on stage for her signature and handshakes... and ALSO, lucky draws with chances to win a pair of her concert tickets~~

(which Claire won!!!) *oops too much information?*

She is not very popular in Singapore though. As alot of people actually goes for more commercialized songs and actually found her voice to be too 猫 (as in not stingy but sounds too sharp). Since tastes in songs depends on each individual, it doesn't mean I don't like "house" so "house" is bad so as long as I love her songs, I don't really bother so much.

No photographs of her though since Liyi mentioned for us not to take photos and videos and I would really like to hear her sing live.

This will be the first time I bought such expensive tickets for concerts and I am really looking very very very forward to her concert which was themed on her new album "The Sun". Very seldom can you get such good song writers who write on non-commercialised songs for interest. Though her vocals may not be very good but her non-chalent way of insisting on singing according to what/how she wants really appealed to me.


Hotpot Culture ... forgot which day we went there... but we had a colleague who is a super duper steamboat friend .. normally our conversation will be like thie :

Me: "WS, want to go KTV today?"

WS: "I can't my mum cooked"

Me + Claire: "Then maybe we go steam boat dinner ba"

WS:"Ok~ I'll call my mum and ask her not to cook mine"

Me + Claire : *flat faced*

Lolx~ So here's our trip to the Hotpot culture.

Even though it was a weekday but the place was quite packed. We were urshered to a small corner of the place and the person took our order. There were cooked food to be chose from together with raw food and also the raw food counter for the steamboat.

Many of the cooked food were Malay or Indonesian style with things like Tauhu Goreng, Tauhu Telu, Sambal prawns, Sambal Kangkong and many of them were spicy.

Drinks not included, not even plain water and the most peeved was of course Claire. I went again recently and found the lime juice to be quite delicious though expensive.

And oops I accidentally delete the photo showing the variety of food stuffs they had. So too bad. Please do look at it at Yebber though.

I would say this place is quite valued for money. Having the large variety of food to choose from, the dark chocolate fondue (YUM~~) after the steamboat dinner was a plus point though the variety of fruits and ingredients to go with the fondue was limited and the ice-cream tasted bad. Would have liked the soup to be less salty so that we can eat more things without feeling 腻though. In yebber, I also mentioned that the fuel for the personal steamboat smells too strong and greatly reduced my appetite. I went back like 3 days ago and gladly noted that they had changed the fuel type and although the strength of the fire could not be adjusted, the vomit-inducing smell of fuel was gone. A restaurant that is willing to take the views of customers and review it will go a long way. For people who love steamboat or is looking for a cosy place for family dinner or outing, this place is good though  I would say reservations recommended for big groups since they do have limited spaces for big groups.

Btw, I've just joined as a member where there will be refills of drinks for Ala Carte buffet, birthday treats and entitlement to other discounts, special promotions. You can refer to their website.


Mar 28 Foster's

For celebration of Phil and my birthdays. 

2 special cakes especially customized for us at Breadtalk - The Icing Room, a specialty cake shop being new addition to the breadtalk line.

Dar always don't look too happy talking photos with me yeah?

Coming up next will be Cheer Chen's concert.

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