Saturday, October 10, 2009

Of menstrual pain and Brown Sugar

If, loss of blood during one's menstration will slim the person down, I would have been a skeleton by now. Hey~! It rhymes eh! Lolx, how can I be so happy over this?

Actually I'm quite sad about this. 1.5 yrs ago, I went for some checks as my menses
(die~~~~~~ die~~~~~) wouldn't come (wor!) + I have to get medicine to stop any menses cause I'm going to Cambodia (which I haven't even blog past Day 1~!) The Doctor told me that I have a ti~~~~~~~ny cyst in my Ovary. However, its nothing much and said that it will disappear after some time like a few months.

Recent half year, I thought my body had gone kuku (mad, crazy etc... by the way, according to facebook, I'm crazy). Cause I had spotting before menses and my menses often lasted for 3 to 4 weeks at a very very small flow, then stop for 2 (damned) days before the next round comes. There was pain for like the first day and then totally no pain for the rest of the weeks. I was thinking this may have something to do with the 白凤丸that I have been taking. Though they asked me to continue taking when my menses pause. BUT... it NEVER paused, so how do I continue?

Finally I couldn't stand it and went back to my Gynae again and he did some pap smear and ultra sound test for me. He found the cyst still in there! It wouldn't leave my ovary~! It was so supercalifragelistically scary when the dotor wouldn't say anything while he tried to see more of the cyst and measure the size etc....

However, he still mention that the cyst should be a benign one as the size did not change, it still remain ti~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ny. So I asked him what is Ti~~~~~~~~~~ny and he said as long as under 5cm, there should not be any need to remove THE THING. Mine's 1.5cm and it had remained so for the past 1.5 yrs. He did gave me some hormone pills to regulate my menses and told me to go back for another scan of the THING in December.

A few days of the course of hormone pills I feel like dying le. Super bad temper, super water retention and bloatedness, biting at every small thing that irritated me. However, I cannot stop the course otherwise its a waste of time and effort though I did wanted to stop. Then my "normal" menses came, with extreme pain and super heavy flow. But this is not my normal menses! Even though I will usually have cramps and bloatedness etc, but the pain will not be such an extreme and the flow will not be so much that I need to change 6 times just during the day! Luckily the no. of days it came was my normal 5 days. But this stupid thing won't stop irritating me as it came AGAIN 2 weeks later which is now.

Extreme pain and very heavy flow again. I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't walk and couldn't move much. So I did a research on cyst and found that this may be due to the cyst. So was the spotting that I had, the forever bloatedness at lower ab and weight gain (I hoped).

Does this mean that there are some changes to the cyst? I can't be sure just by the research on net. There are so many kinds of cyst, I don't even know which type mine belonged to. Couldn't wait for the next trip to the Gynae but I think I should wait till December and in the mean time, observe my menses pattern right? Couldn't stand the pain anymore though.

Side note, I was watching variety show last night and heard that 黑糖+老姜+桂圆 boiled to soup can help with cramps. On further research, this means brown sugar (raw form), Old ginger and Longan. So for the past 2 days, my husband had been boiling the soup for me. Remember to drink it warm ok? Drank it yesterday and the pain almost disappeared today. Though the flow was still great but the discomfort was gone. I hoped this means the brown sugar worked. Those with menses cramp and read this post, do try it out. But don't drink too much as even though brown sugar is great for health, its still a calorie raging item.

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