Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner and Dance 2009

Ok. Chop chop. Dinner and dance. Raffles Hotel The Ballroom.

First time wearing the $12 stockings ... hahah ... felt like a freak in the train...

Meant to dress a witch and had wanted to buy the witch hat at cold storage but I think I won't dare to wear ba ... -.-"

The witch and the princess ... and well it looks like that .... but . . .

I wonder who is the real witch .... wa hahahahahah~~

Overall had a great time there just that the food wasn't that nice (felt strange to be eating chinese course dinner in a DND themed Masquerade). The red wine wasn't that good. Oh well, not to be disheartened, the MC was entertaining and had us laughing a lot. (As long as he don't shout as we were sitting in front of the speakers~) Most importantly, sitting with the correct persons made the day (or night). We were quite entertained by our official game player Kong's erm ... very coordinated dance too.

Surprisingly the dance ended quite early. Adrian had me sent home before 12am ... lucky ... or he would have found a pumpkin in his 2 doors sports car...

Note: Photo courtesy from Chloe and my pinky cam

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