Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hardworking Sunday

As I've sort of lost my voice due to a very high fever and strong flu virus, we weren't able to have choir today... Futhermore hubby is working today (shift ah ... haiz).

So I had the house to myself all day. While hubby is hard at work outside, I'm trying to be hard working too~! So I asked my hubby whether he wants me to cook dinner and went out shopping to buy ingredients.

So while I wait for the chicken to marinate, I (take a deep breathe) washed 2 toilets, dust the shelves and whatever, swept and mopped the floor.... whew~

hahah .... sounds like I haven't been doing all these for a long time? nay~~~ but this time I did all these a lo ne~

And I haven't been cooking for a long time cos by the time I reach home from work its already 7+. By the time I finish cooking, it would be supper time instead of dinner time. So sometimes I really wonder and marvel at how the "aunties" at work can work, go home cook and look after their kids.

Btw, I forgot to take photo of what I've cooked but aiya, its about the same as what I've cooked previously so just try to search for it within my blog if you are overcomed by a strong~~~~ urge to see what I've cooked.
What comes next though, should not be seen after dinner...
oops... too late, you've seen it by the time you read this sentence:
tadaa~~~ my toe...
This is the result of "gei-ing kiang" ... "假强" ... "trying to be clever" by wearing covered high heels and standing for 1 hr on the train .... actually not that I want to stand for so long on the train. I'm just not as strong as the rest of the people who will elbow and do anything to get a seat .... Now we are going into the men-sit-and-stare-at-standing-women and I-don't-care-I-want-a seat-even-if-I'm-getting-off-at-next-stop era.
It started out with the normal orh chei... then it became darker and darker colour though the pain reduced. Then it became purple today cause I stupidly knock it against the furniture when I did my cleaning today..... Claire said my toe nail may have gotten the colour from the "orh chei" and became dark even though the pain reduced. Eunice says to wait for the toe nail to grow out...
We'll see ba ... see how dark it will become... in meantime, I just hoped that my toe nail will not drop off...

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