Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its christmas~~!

Okies~ Christmas is round the corner again~ Lots of things have changed during the past year and one of the most obvious change would be the drastic reduction of blog posts.

I've always been known to my mother for having "3 minutes fever" (in chinese but I'm not allowed to blog in Chinese... oh well~~) It anyway, it means having short lived interest in something. Perhaps blogging is one of that something. Or maybe it has got something to do with being married (excu~~~ses! I started blogging AFTER marriage~).
Hey, since this IS an excuse so just accept it k? What else can you do to me? *bleah*

Lolx~ I won't stop blogging... if I have things to blog. But nowadays not a lot of things interest me any more and this is probably the main reason why I reduced my blog posts. Of cos, taking lesser photos and difficulty in uploading photos post a part too... -.-"

Have just finished a caroling session at Heartland mall 18th and 19th Dec 09. Didn't do very well on the first day, in fact its my worst performance.

The 2nd day was ok since we had some warm ups in the afternoon for a performance for Grant-A-Wish project at Ulu Pandan CC. By the time we started performance, I was quite high. Although it wasn't my best performance too but definitely better (way~ way~) than the first day.... Had fun with the reindeer horns we bought at Watson's too.

(don't know what I was doing with my mouth like that)

But this is the first time I try out so many solos. I didn't believe I could do it though and was quite stressed up almost breaking down. However, I could always do it when I sing alone and without using strength which was impossible during a performance. My "high-ness" saved me and kept my resonance and my stamina up so that I can finish the gig(s).

Couldn't fight with THIS choir though...
a few of my fav carols....

Enjoy and have a merry merry Christmas ... remember to get pressies for your loved ones~!

I love this~

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