Thursday, January 07, 2010

Doctor tomorrow

Going to NUH tomorrow (oops... today) afternoon for a scan of the damn cyst. Dr Wong wanted to check whether it will affect any pregnancy before deciding on whether to remove.
Since he said its re~~~~~~al tiny and must grow by 5 times the current size before he'll recommend for it to be removed. Though I do feel scared but the scan is a must and it must be done during the menses so I don't have much time too. Considering my menses is more fickle than the weather. ;(

As a result, I won't be able to go to class tomorrow.... its the first lesson and I'm bold enough to skip it. ;P

But what makes me happy is, Dar will be going to NUH with me even though he needs to take unpaid leave. Will that make me seem selfish? Seems like I'm even more fickle than my menses.... -.-"

Been hectic these few days even though its just Weds. -.-" I do feel short changed. I do feel unhappy. But there is nothing much I can do and there is actually nothing to complain about. To complain about it will be immatured. Its all substantiated and reasoned out. But I do have a right to feel unhappy don't I? The feeling will pass (or grow) as days pass.... And I'll make sure it won't affect my work.

Maybe I'll realise that the thing is too small to be unhappy about .. or ... at most I don't talk for 11 months and get buried in work?

Rest well now... Ganbatte~! Oyasumi!

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