Sunday, February 28, 2010

9th Yr Anniversary & Dept CNY Lou Hei~

Yesterday was our 9th year anniversary into our relationship and also the 3rd year anniversary into our marriage. There weren't any celebrations as Dar needs to work. But I received yet another bouquet of sunflowers. This time, it was delivered to our house. I'm glad, not because he gave me my favourite. But cause this bouquet was bought online and delivered. This is not usually what Dar will do as he will not normally take the time to search.
Our 9 years were not without quarrels, not without difficulty, not fairy tale-liked and definitely not lovey-dovey all the way. I also won't say "I hoped" our marriage or faithfulness will last till forever. As I feel that this should be THE basic thought before and during the marriage for all couples.
But I do hoped that our communication and understanding of each other will improve as time goes. I believed these are more important than whether we earn big money or whether we have big houses or even children (By fate).
Happy Anniversary orh~~

Department "Lou Hei" ............. "1.......2.....3.......... HUAT AH~~~~~~!

My portion with the "Abalone" that Siew was so excited about ... heheh
Buffet Lunch

About through the planning for our trip to Taiwan, having decided on the 民宿to stay in 台北and 花莲, now we'll just have to book them. Surprisingly, they are quite cheap at a cost of S$27 per night per person.
Now we'll just have to book the train tickets from 台北to花莲and also for the return trip to 桃园airport and of course, most importantly--save money and then we can be on our way.
Have gotten a list of places to visit though we really don't have a specific aim. Sight see-ing? Shopping? Goumet?
Or all of them?
But I don't mind some suggestions though~ Thanks in advance ;)

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