Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 Mar 10

Feeling a bit sian... nothing much to do though I'm finally resting at home with only a bit work to do. I usually do like being by myself and all, being quiet and alone. But for today, I just wished that I've organized some activities instead of just staying at home with work and my sheepy Mac book surfing Stomp, Facebook and listening to Tanya Chua.

(Introduce one of my favourite song from her new album. Very naturally singing about her feelings towards love. Heard she recorded the album when she just got out of bed.)

Are you going to join the Earth hour later? I would like to join but can I make do with just no lights and no aircon? I would like to keep my sheepy Mac book on but I promised I'll use the battery instead of power point. Though thats like defeating the purpose of joining Earth Hour but I shudder to think about how it feels like to sit in the warm darkness doing nothing and staring into space. Human beings are really quite useless without the Earth sacrificing isn't it?

I'm in the what's_the_meaning_of_life mode again~Photobucket

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