Tuesday, February 16, 2010

恭贺新禧Happy Chinese New Year~~

It's Chinese New Year~! The holiday that we would have loved to go through when we were kids ... but dread to go through when we became adults ... especially once you are an adult and married without kids ... hahaha

(One of the rare CNY deco in our house)

In the past people will go "When are you getting married, when are you getting married, when ..... " like a robot .. especially the older generations. I will just take it that there is a generation gap and they don't really know how to break into a Wii game or Mayday conversation with you so the only thing they can do is ask you a question they can talk much on while you have nothing to answer.
(My curtain tie which I used the paper rose I made. Who says deco needs to be expensive?)

Once you became an adult and gotten married, they will start to ask :"When are you going to have a kid, when are you going to have a kid, when ..." (oh well, you got the idea~Photobucket) The way you can get them to shut up is to tell them that you needed money to "rear" a kid or kids and they could help by sending donations to you (cash preferred though I don't mind some expensive kinds like gold).

Jokes aside (though they are really quite real in life)... Chinese new year or CNY is really not quite the same as before for me. Friends around me and myself are getting less and less active in organizing outings and house visits. Most probably due to marriages and also the enlargement of our social circles. There are simply too many houses to visit, too little angbaos to get... ;p in fact, house visiting became more expensive given that those who are married are required to give angbaos!

So our house rules apply, my husband and I only give ang baos to our maternal and paternal parents and grandparents, our direct-related-in-blood-unmarried siblings and direct-related-in-blood kids who are at least 5 years younger than us. Its not good to say this but we do save a lot of money ... so sorry ah friends~

Had been stuffing and stuffing and stuffing myself silly with unhealthy food for the past few days ... Gosh I feel fat eh ... Just came back from dinner with my parents and siblings, my parents in law and siblings in law. And I've got a new but not so new phone for the new year!~ cause I exchanged my ice cream phone for my sister's viewty ... hehe .. new phone at no cost~

Time really flies when you wanted to enjoy it, going back to work on Weds for the mad rush before closing. This leaves me less than 1 day to spend nua-ing at home. Sometimes I think I'm better off without this holidays. ... nevertheless, enjoy while you can~


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