Sunday, January 31, 2010

Universal Studio (Preview)

Thanks to my Dar, we managed to get free tickets to Universal Studio at Sentosa to watch the Donkey Show. (yeah Donkey from Shrek, not the donkeys from zoo)

I'm so surprised the photos from my 烂phone camera can come out so nice... haha but the nicer ones are from Claire's camera though .... I no longer have the habit to bring my camera around... so I didn't bring it this time cos Dar didn't tell me what we will be doing .. -.-"

Of cos photo taking is a must while walking to the show area~~~~~

(photo taking with a dirty flower with my 虎年行大运)

Popcorn car.... at first I thought those brown brown things up the car are parcels~~

However, the place is still under construction so we still see a lot of construction workers with their safety hat (while we walk the place unprotected-.-")
They have this Madagascar (Was it spelt like this?) area with this cute little merry go round of those related character.... I didn't take the photo of the zebra which looked like its forever in shock though.....

With 2 kinds of rails .... with your head up or with your head down ....

The castle of Far~~~~~~~~~~ Far Away ... (Are we there yet~?~~ Are we there yet?~~?)
that looks like its frozen in time as not even the flags are moving ...
Looks like the Angkor Wat photo we took in 2008... haha ... a grander revamped version of Angkor Wat
Haha~~~! This Shrek wishes every one will dio 4D~~!~~

I named the toy tiger on my hand "虎年行大运" so its


(Let me in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

This is the poster of the show we watched. Quite a lame show that only lasted for 30 mins inclusive of a 15 mins introduction by the MC and moving into the main theatre to sit down and settle down ... to see a big TV screen with a pre-prepared, animated Donkey and its band.... =.= duh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lucky the Donkey's voice wasn't pre-recorded and the MC was "auto-high" and trying to get the unresponsive audiences to respond. There were some funny parts and the kids singing together with Donkey and shouting responses made the show fun to watch ....
But I think there are more areas to improve on .....

There are some areas like Prince of Egypt or Jurassic Park areas that we weren't able to get in ... as its only opened to Staffs.... My Dar and his colleague went in while Claire and I sat outside listening to the sound tracks of past Dreamworks' works..... thinking how nice it would be if Flash Mob is one of the activities in the theme park .... ;)

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