Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taiwan 6th to 16 May P2

Didn't really sleep well the first night, not sure whether its cause of a change of the pillow and the (hard) bed or was it cause night falls fast and the sun comes up fast. Sunlight's available at 4am and darkness at 630pm.

Managed to fall asleep at about 5am and woke at 8+ and got ready to go out for breakfast. Took mrt to 台北地下街where we heard, sells cheap shoes. But the shops there tend to open late like at 11am so we went too early, even by 1030am after finishing the super big curry rice, there were only a few shops opened. You can come here for the cheap shoes, cute shops but the clothes here are not really much of youngsters' taste I felt.

Went to 星光三越which was somewhat like the Takashimaya shopping centre and experienced 电梯小姐. Those most of the 小姐didn't really articulate well and by and by their 欢迎光临sort of stuck together but there were 1 or 2 we were quite impressed with. Went there to buy the "Love Life" T that 黑人is promoting but in the end Dar bought shoes, I bought books, managed to get 蔡康永的“说话之道“which I haven't read and 陶子的"我爱故我在“ which I finished reading in Taiwan on the way to Hualien. Its recommended~! And most likely guarantee some tears from you.

Its at 星光三越that we know that if you shop at big shopping malls and you spend above NT3000 in the whole building, you can fill in some forms that will entitle you for Tax refunds at the airport. (about 4.something something % that I already forgotten but its 3 decimals)

Went to 台湾故事馆where its actually a museum of their 70s, 80s era. Tickets sold at NT200 per pax or you can buy the NT250 ticket which comes with food vouchers that you can use inside. There are shops selling foodstuffs, toys and sweets of that era, and displays of Japanese style houses, old cinema and advertisements. Most of the toys, sweets were also from the era which I came from. We were exclaiming like "诶, 这个我们小时候常吃。。。“hehe not bad a place to go all nostalgic and act silly... hahah

(it says : "叶问3之台妹泡十个" -.-""")

Photo of a Village head house... taken badly since we weren't allowed inside so we can only take photos from outside one of the "windows"

If only we can implement this in Singapore....

 Was like raining whole day that day and even though we spent most of our time indoors and getting ourselves lost at Taipei Train Station, we did get ourselves wet and shivering. Didn't really do much but perhaps due to the weather and a serious lack of sleep, I'm rather tired and lethargic.

Our supper at 士林perked me up~! Fresh strawberry on 绵绵冰~~ (Ice made with milk, and strangely, my lactose intolerant didn't act up in Taiwan so I took more milk here than I ever did in my life -0-v)

to be continued. .. .
As a side note, please take a look at this video and the related videos as a support for "Love Life" project.  

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