Monday, June 14, 2010

No. 370th post~ Taiwan 6th to 16th May P1

Reached Taipei at at 6+ and managed to get on to our transportation to our Minsu

We went to 士林夜市for our dinner. There is this 士林好计's 牛肉面that you definitely MUST must must try .. .the soup was just right, not too salty and most importantly, the beef has got 牛味! About one of the best 牛肉面(NT140) I've ever tried~!

We also tried the 水煎包 (NT10) (士林水煎包), near the 豪大鸡排 (NT50) stall. Initially thought that it can't be good since there wasn't anyone queue-ing there (actually that was just caused of the rain). The 包s actually tasted quite good~ Especially loved the Cabbage flavour. We also had 杂酱面, 大肠包小肠 (don't need to try).

Ended our dinner with Bubble Tea which actually tasted different from ours. Not too sweet and has got flavours like white bittergourd (not bitter at all~) and 洛神花 (its good for girls~) Love the milk tea there as it doesn't give me diarroea. -.-"

After dinner, we went across the street to the "Shopping" strip of 士林... wuwow~~ lots of shops and people! So exciting as we walked about looking at the things sold there, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bags etc etc ... the goods sold there were quite cheap, you can get shoes like heels at NT390 (S$17) and clothes at NT100 (S$4+)~~~! We didn't buy anything here though (bad move!) cos we thought of going to 五分铺to buy but actually I found things at 士林to be cheaper than those at 五分铺~! Though of lesser variety.

Side note, our Min su, Bugua (not recommended & room condition way worser than those in the pictures on the website). Bugua's owner charged us NT1800 more! This was after I've especially confirmed with her the total charges we had to pay, TWICE~! Further, one of the rooms we booked was smelly~! It had the mouldy smell like the room was closed for a few years. When we asked the owner about it she was like non-chalent with the "take it or leave it" attitude and even deduct our deposit money when my friends left the fans on to ventilate the room. Further, there were roaches in the hair dryer, dirty toilets and the cleaner who came everyday, did not sweep the floor (we had to sweep it ourselves). Definitely a no no to stay if you want comfort.
(... to be continued)

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