Monday, February 28, 2011

台湾 - 九份 Day which I've already forgotten but it was in 2010 May

Need to recommend these at Ximending at 三兄妹~! Have I recommended them before? If yes it must be because they are too nice~!

Going to 九份. The rest went for a hike at 杨明山but Dar and I were not interested so we walked to 士林to buy my favourite 胡椒饼and got the first one out of the bake~! Woo hoo~! 爽~!

Thereafter we agreed with the rest that we will meet at 九份itself so Dar and I went looking around the bus stops in front of 剑潭mrt... we found a bus that will take us to 基隆in 45 mins and from there we took another bus to reach 九份 ... a total of an hour and half to reach 九份from Taipei.... except for an irritating bus driver who barked at us cos we didn't know how to use the Ezlink, all went well.... Oh well, Dar of cos slept all the way.... but I managed to catch a lot of scenary that we won't be able to see if we take taxi or tour guide.....

The experience up the hill was like way way better than going to Genting .... at least I don't feel like vomitting. However, I do constantly worry about land slides since the houses looked real old and "fragilistic", packed on the hill tops....

View was breathtaking and since it was May and the weather was still cooling at about 24 degrees, we actually shivered when the sea breeze came in .... (Cool~~!)

九份is really great for taking of vintage wedding photos with infrastructures like these:

Though you may want to leave out the name of the shop "Babka", though it means:
(bäb'kə) n. A coffee cake flavored with orange rind, rum, almonds, and raisins. But it looks almost the same as "Baka" (Jap)

Went to this "famous" shop that was reviewed all over the internet... it's located at the front of 九份老街. Actually, nothing special, considering that we were all hungry.... The preserved vege's not bad though ...

But I do love this:
Its ice cream, with peanut and parsley wrapped in "popiah" like skin .... very very nice~! and its only NT35~

This is a MUST must~ try ... it's 芋丸or Yam balls cooked till they are QQ 的... you can choose about 3 other sides and together with shaved ice, this makes a delicious dessert. It doesn't look much but it's definitely value for money and absolutely delicious....

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