Sunday, March 06, 2011

10th Anniversary - MBS

27 Feb 2011 --It's our 10th Anniversary~! Not married for 10 years but together for 10 years~ hehe
Dar booked a room at MBS for today, there was a 15% discount for booking 14 days in advance.
Our room at 37th floor had a great view~~! Not able to see the Helix Bridge though we can see the "half peeled pomelo" ....

"The Room", is damn expensive (~$400 after the 15% discount) but is bigger than those standard rooms at other hotels. Bathtub is especially luxurious and in additional to a big shower area.

Went up to the Sky Park, per room card admits 2 persons and only hotel guests (staying) can go by the waters and in the pool. Great place to hold birthday parties....

Wanted to visit the ArtScience museum (half peeled pomelo hybrid Buddha's Hand) but Dar seems not interested so we can only walk around, shop around. Yeah, you got my meaning? There's nothing to do here~!

Not much eateries opened yet, so we decided to go to "Rasapura Masters", the food court at the Basement. Chicken rice set (set = rice + soup) is at $6.50 and the Hokkien Mee is about the same price too. Expensive, but those items we've had can actually be described as delicious. Especially love this egg custard bun, when eaten hot, the egg custard ooze out and the bun portion is smooth, not coarse.

This is the top portion of the fountain, we saw a lot of people trying to throw coins into the hole in the center. Not sure why though, but I bet once you manage to throw the coin into the hole, you will not become a multi-millionaire.

Night View, our room

Night view~~ The best of the Sky Park.

There was a performer at the deck of the "ship" right below the pub. It's open to the public and some people treated the center as the dance floor. Looks real~~ly like a park. Outdoor park with live performance. Just that there's no grass to lie on.

The final bill came up to a whooping $500+~! Inclusive of a mandatory payment of $30+ for unlimited access of wifi in the rooms. We had dinner at "Rise", one of the cafes at MBS and it cost about $75 which we charged to the room too. An overall verdict, locals, just go once and that's enough unless you MUST swim in the pool or MUST look at the night view from Sky Park cause, except for throwing out your money in the shops & pubs, go to the museum and (ok~ok~) ice-skating. There's practically not much to do there.

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