Monday, August 29, 2011

Closure of the gates to Hell (Negative post, don't read if you can't stand rants and ravings)

Ho ho~ Closure of the gates to Hell~ I hope all the ghostly brothers booked in on time~! 

Have you done your part reducing our ozone protection, adding to acid rain, adding to cancer cases, adding to asthma, adding to sinus cases, polluting the water, polluting the air and creating fire hazards??~? 

Well~ I did not! In fact, I spent my Sunday sweeping away the ashes that flew into my house~ What a "great" way to spend my day~!  Woo Hoo~!

For those people who burn outside-of-the-cylinder-and-leave-it-there-with-the-fire-still-burning-and-don't-bother-to-clean-up-YOUR-ashes, don't let me hear you complaining about Indonesia burning forests in the future. I'll give you tight slaps  until my hands go numb and stuff ashes down your throat. People there burn for survival, you??

Use your god-given common sense and supposededlyisthereinyoudountoothersasyouwantotherstodountoyou consideration for others.......... or use Google~! Use Yahoo! Or whatever the knowledge taught to you in school~~!~~!

Leave the ashes on the drain cover or anywhere, and they go down into the drain, that goes into the sewage, that goes into the sea, increase acid level and the acidic water goes into the clouds and guess what, idiots*grit teeth*, the acid rain goes into our usage water and every damned thing! (Bravo huh?) Leave the fire still burning with the wind coming and grass surrounding the fire, you'll create fire hazards. You think your kids are safe? No~! Sinus and Asthma may be triggered by outside factors and that includes prolonged contact with too much dust, smoke, ashes, furs and whatnots, dumb asses!

Why am I so worked up? Why. am. I. so. 激动?You'll never understand the agony of always having tightness at the chest, struggling for breaths, wheezing, having swollen eyes every July/August and missing work only to go back and work double the time. You'll never understand the trouble I have trying to breath smoothly after cleaning up the ashes that flew in from the burning. You'll never understand how 麻烦 it is to use the nasal spray twice a day and still not enough to suppress the symptoms.

If I ever die from Asthma~ *~yes, my Sinus graduated and my Asthma came back* I "sincerely, cross my heart, write in blood" promise that  I will come back every year to haunt you.... May all people with asthma and sinus curse you!

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