Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taiwan May 2010 - Last day in Taipei (渔人码头,饶河夜市)

I've decided to gradually finish up my May 2010's trip to Taiwan in case I forgot about it (like the 2008 Cambodia) ;P


Take the Metro red line to the last stop. It's better to go there around 3pm so that you can go walk around at 淡水老街 and try out some of the stuffs there before taking the ferry ride to 渔人码头.

That place is famous for this delicacy call 铁蛋 which looks a bit scary cause it's all black but it's actually 泸蛋. You might like it if you like century eggs. You may also want to try their 阿给 which consisted of fried toufu, Dongfen and various fillings in the middle.
We especially love the 盐酥菇 sold at the area where we took the ferry ride to 渔人码头. Go to the one with the bright green signboard.

There are 2 kinds of ferry rides, one to a nearly island Bali (八里)where some tidbits stalls are located and people can go walk around the park or cycle. Takes about less than 15 mins to get. There's another one to 渔人码头so don't go up the wrong one.

Walk around 情人桥, take pictures or laze around in the many cafes there to enjoy the sea breeze, live band and watch the sun set. Please DO NOT wear skirts/dress there unless you enjoy it flying higher than your head. (As we've seen from some PRC tourists who wore skirts there)

The ride back from 渔人码头wasn't that comfortable though cause the breeze became strong wind at sea and we were sprayed with salt water numerous times along the way back.

淡水老街became even more 热闹after the night falls as many stalls selling seafood opened for business. My husband and friends loved the 烤花枝 (Grilled squid) sold there. Later on when we went there again in August with my family, they too loved it. I didn't any since I don't really like Seafood + they bought the spicy version.

For ease of travelling, you may want to plan to go 士林夜市at 剑潭a few stations down the red line. But as we live near there, we've been going to 士林almost every day. We decided to try going to 饶河夜市instead. Reached there quite late at about 9pm, tired and salty from the seabreeze, we didn't really try much.

Can try the Milk and Caramel flavour. Cheap and nice~!

臭豆腐 I preferred it fried for crispiness.

Overall, still prefer the food at 士林夜市.

Last day at Taipei, we'll be going to Hualian the next morning. Taking 台铁which will take us 4 hours to reach. Look at our baggages~!

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