Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nothing in Particular but ~~~~ Mayday concert is near!!

Yeah, really nothing in particular, just felt like writing something in my blog. Feeling rather stressed up looking at my "To-Do" list getting longer and longer. Had eye infection, or rather, 针眼. Feeling tired and have my period late. (Not preggy~!)

Feeling happy to have my husband as my husband. Feeling happy to have my friends as my friends. Happy to be going to Taiwan again in May, this time with my parents in law and sister/cousin in law. Feeling happy that Bonus payment is near! $o$v Feeling happy that I can sell my current house in April and begone with Bukit Batok~

Happy that MayDay's concert is this coming Saturday~~! Woo hoo~ This will be my first time going to a concert with 7 other people. ;D Looking forward to it~!

Just as mentioned, a bunch of unrelated things that I felt like saying. A bunch, such that I'm not even sure what to put as the title ;P Oh yeah, this may be a bit late but I'm removing my blog from Networked Blog as I no longer want my posts published on FB. Sudden ending, but I'm just not good at writing endings. That's the reason why I always have long blog posts. ;)

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