Sunday, March 04, 2012

Mayday (五月天) NoWhere, NowHere Concert - Noah's Ark

Mayday's (五月天)NoWhere NowHere Concert on 25 Feb 2012.

Theme is Noah's Ark. The stage was decorated such that we are all sitting in Noah's Ark and being safe from the disasters that may come on Judgement Day, together with Mayday. For this round, Noah's Ark is in space rather than on water. 

Seriously, I wasn't that high during the concert cause, well, the theme is Doomsday right? How to scream "Monster I love you" like that? Further, I was standing besides Wei Sze who's forever a cucumber hahaha~ But I was mesmerized by the excellent display of graphics and their rather expert use of graphics to bring their point across.... That mankind sucks. 

The concert's segregated by various sections, themed after things you would have pondered over on that last day on Earth. One of the songs Noah's Ark (诺亚方舟), which is also one of my favs from their new album Second Life (第二人生)has got a sentence of lyrics that said "如果要告别,如果今夜就要和一切告别。 如果你只能打一通电话,你会拨给谁“ (Translate: If we have to say goodbye, if we have to say goodbye to everything tonight. If you can only make 1 phone call, who will you be calling?) If Doomsday would listen, I would like to make 1 more request. If there really is a Doomsday on 21 Dec 2012, I won't resist (resist also no use), I just hope that my husband will be with me when it happens. The phone call will be to our parents, with last words of love. Asking too much? 

Another sentence of lyrics was: 终于要告别, 终于没有更多的明天要追。你有什么遗憾依然残缺, 还没有完美? (Translate: Finally it's time to say goodbye, finally there's no more "tomorrow" to chase/meet. What last regrets do you have, that haven't been fulfilled?) I always feel like crying when I listen to this song. Cause it made me realized that I've been wasting a lot of time, chasing things that actually doesn't matter that much. But not a lot though, cause I'm not an ambitious person, I played hard, I studied (though not as hard), I loved and met my husband, a great job and great real friends. The only regret I have though, is not being able to maintain a closer relationship with my family especially my mother. 

Noah's Ark:

Ok, done with negative and requests to Doomsday. Now on to the concert~!

First theme is the destruction of earth and mankind being sent out to space in Noah's Ark. This is also the way they introduce each of the member of the group. 

Marine creatures panicking......

Followed by the typhoon which will destroy most things on earth...

When everything is destroyed, no more tallest building, no more light pollution, we can see the stars。。。 (星空's graphic display and lighting)

Next theme is about Time.... Mankind finally looks back and realized the time they have wasted and missing the good memories....

Monster servicing the fans sitting at the other side of the stage.

Graphic display of written and scanned wishes of Mayday's fans.

Meteor explosion... and the Sun's radiation became too strong.

Heavy clouds taking over the Earth..

Next theme is about Mankind, dreams and what ifs.... what if we chose another direction to take? What if we have different dreams?

Nearing to the end of the concert, the theme became hope. Song is 倔强 which means stubborn or resistance. If according to the flow, I think it signifies the resistance of the adverse situation by Mankind and the stubborn-ness in chasing dreams.

Clever use of lyrics board given to each fan on different rows. Because at the 2nd stanza....

the "bluey" situation turns into a rainbow!~

Fans screaming the house down and waving their lightstick in a bid to get Mayday back for encore sessions.

Monster, was mesmerized by him and his guitar skilll. So cute~~!

Cute Monster who seldom smile throughout the concert. Finally cheeky at the end of the concert~

Finally song.... final wave... hope to see you all (especially Monster) next year if Doomsday decided to let Earth off....