Friday, May 11, 2012

Going to Taiwan again~ yes again~

Going to Taiwan, it's my forth trip. This time, we'll be going to 日月潭,清境,合欢山,南方澳,新竹, 薰衣草森林 - places that I've not been before. Of course since we'll be going with my sister in law and cousin in law who have not been to Taiwan before, there will also be several places I've went to, the typical tourists spots like 渔人码头. Contrary to the previous few times, most of this trip we'll be travelling with a private tour guide. Not ex, about NT1000 per day per pax which is only like SGD45 for a whole day or at least 8 hours of play. Hopefully it will be fun this time round~ If everything goes on smoothly, we'll plan another one in February since we've not been there during the winter season and Feb is a good season for Sakura and Strawberries~

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