Sunday, September 16, 2012

Renovation~ Interior Design firm

After meeting 5 ID firms and getting numerous quotations, we finally decided on this guy Jimmy from Add Space Design. He kind of can clique with us very well, is creative in space usage and practical in design and fixtures. One of our plans was to hack off the store room so that we'll have space for dining table and to make the place look bigger. None of us can think of rebuilding a store room some where else, he impressed us by proposing it before we told him our concerns. He also proposed some ideas like plastering up our kitchen wall tiles instead of hacking in order to save cost. Or even placements in our master bedroom which solved the problem of strange orientation.

We've met him up today to see the 3D for the new flat, not bad, about 80% are according to what we wanted, we just changed the orientation of the shoe cabinet / settee at the doorway and colour scheme. The major changes will be Dar's full height built in bookshelves. He even managed to Bingo the theme of the cozy corner that I had wanted. ;)) Designs for toilets are not ready though, this we understand as rendering will take quite a long time for each piece of 3D.

The only problem will be, I'm not sure what's the colour I want for kitchen cabinet, the proposed colour now is baby blue bottom cabinet and white top cabinet with dark back splash in between. Asked for darker floor tiles which will then make the kitchen look sharper. I thought baby blue was a strange colour for kitchen cabinets but did not want to settle for the conventional black and white or white and red that almost everyone is using. Neither can I think of a better colour combi that is pleasing to the eye. The pic on the left, looks nice, but white flooring in the kitchen may be a disaster for all you know. Probably I should think it through before he makes further changes and waste the time rendering the pic.

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