Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hacking done, Plastering done

Renovation officially started about 2 weeks ago, it doesn't feel good to know our renovation will take 2 months to complete although we actually kind of knew that. Didn't want to push them to be faster though in case they compromise quality.

Hacking of tiles and walls checked, erection of wall at the dining area checked, flooring and wall tiling checked, plastering of walls and ceilings checked. Going on to piping, then false ceiling, cabinets etc.

We used 1 day of weekend and managed to source for most of our furniture and electrical appliances. Bought the most expensive item which was our mattress from Red Apple (King Koil at $2,099). Beanbag, "ok" chair, TV console, dining table all from Red Apple. We actually went to Trade Hub 21 and scour every shop there to find what we wanted. Most of the items were bought from Red Apple at Trade Hub and IMM. Yet to deliver so we are not very sure of the quality, at least we were able to find the designs that we wanted. Spend a total of $6K+ on furnishing alone and another $2.6K on electrical appliances excluding Aircon. In total, Furnishing, lights, wiring, electrical appliances, kitchen and toilet accessories cost us $25K+. Pocket burnt ;(

Everything's going ok, no big hiccups till now. Except that we are both very dui2 cause we chose the wrong colour for floor tiles. Or rather, we didn't expect the colour to look like that on installation. ;(  Even the old HDB wall paint looks whiter. However, they don't carry big sized tiles in white so we can only get off white even though on our floor, it looks like beige. Hopefully this is the one and only error, nothing more pls~~

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