Friday, June 24, 2005

KTV 23/06/05

YoZ! Went to KTV yesterday with Ah Di, Jing Jing, Thomas, Siyang and Dar... the first KTV after I recovered from my sickness... hmmm but still not singing at the quality I want ... *^.^

At first we thought that there are like too few pple going for the outing but in the end found it quite fun ... funny jokes and bo liao photos plus we get to sing the songs we want ...!

Caught in the Act!!!

Sang alot of songs I've never sang before like "Journey".... also managed to get Ah Di and Dar to sing songs from my Fav singer JJ Lin and Lihom! \(^∇^)/

会有那么一天 by JJ
Ah Di wanted mi to sing this song 我是幸福的 which is a song that I love too ... but I've never sang it before ... so in the end it was like abit rubbishy ... heez ... guess I have to spend some time to pract on that song ... heez ... pai sei ah Ah Di!
ended the session at 11pm with 脱掉!┌(^_^)┘♪└(^_^)┐ which seems like a great song to end ... cause it makes the atmosphere like very high .. but cause we are all tired from laughing and no one could catch the tempo so like in the end only Dar and Siyang continue to sing it ... heez (;¬_¬)

got the Mr. Duckie!! but its too small ... cant see clearly heez ... (Eh! What do I really want to see anywayz?(o^.^o))
Think I have to change my Tag board cause like Siyang and Di said they cant post msg on it ... actually also got other pple tell mi ah ... but I too lazy to go and source for a better Tag lehz... got any recommendations? ;)

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