Friday, November 16, 2007

My first ever award in my blog life

I've just received my first award of my blogging life~~~ Although I have been blogging since 2003, sad to say, I've only been active in the blogsphere during this year... hence I've never expected to receive an award just because I expressed my heartfelt feelings on blog ...

TADAA~! the TRUE BLUE AWARD presented to me by TRIN~! thanks ya~!

Dolphins are social, living in pods (also called "schools") of up to a dozen individuals. In places with a high abundance of food, pods can join temporarily, forming an aggregation called a superpod; such groupings may exceed a thousand dolphins. However, the cetaceans can establish strong bonds between each other. This leads to them staying with injured or ill individuals. Link

Remember Trinity whose blog content are copied by someone and treated as his own? I was really angry about it as I feel that copying without authority and credits is a form of crime... even though alot of pple may argue that the information you put on the internet is meant for everyone's use.... however, the usage shld be accompanied by credits to the original author and not copied as and when u feel like it. Just like u give credits to a book author for his hard work in research or the definition of "market socialism" from wikipedia when you do your term paper.

In anyway, I'm glad you recover quickly from the unpleasant event... please do not let it affect you..... some people are just so . . .

The award also set me thinking about all the people who stood by me just because I am Jeslyn, whether or not they are bloggers, they made up who I am today.... I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to them and hence present them this award (I hope Trin don't mind since she mention this award is for bloggers but I knw she won't mind ;P)

I present to :

June Lee - (she din want her blog linked as its only opened to friends/relatives) who always know when I am tired or unwell just by looking at me. Who open up her mind to listen to my troubles.

Claire Yap - who although lives so far away from me... din mind coming over to my house just so that I can have company when the delivery man comes by.... who don't mind going shopping with me even though she hates it...who helped me carry a television set and teach me when I'm being ignorant....

Phil Chan - who listen to my problems, gives advices, let me laugh at...... for giving hugs when I am sick ;P for dragging me to climb hills when I'm too lazy to exercise....

Jianfa - (blog not to be linked too) for lending me money when I'm broke hehe ... for giving advices and knock me on the head when I become too overboard and silently reading my blog... for offering help whenever I need

Pauline - I know you visit my blog regularly ... hehe ... thanks for the support even if you seldom tag.... you offer me kindness when I need ... ;)

JoJo , April and Bobo - For visiting me whenever they can even though they got busy busy schedules... thanks for all the kind tags ... I know I am not alone ;)

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