Saturday, December 15, 2007

All I want for xmas ish........

All I want for xmas is cash? credit? car?

not the girl of cos! Its the body!
but nopez... none of the above!

oh wait wait! I got it~ I want to be a beauty queen!!


urgh shucks!

should be


so that I can wish for world peace!

but world peace is not something to wish for only on xmas... the wish should be there in everyone's heart day and night and 365 days every year! (cut the crap about leap years...)

So I ponder and I ponder....

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What should I wish for ... this xmas?

and ah ha! I've got it ... I wish for :-

A dinner cooked by Dar! Keke .. since it has always been mi cooking for him, I wanted something different...

Hey! I'm already being a nice girl by giving him 1 week + to decide what he want to cook for me ;D

期待期待他会煮什么呢?? (o^.^o)


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Actually I prefer this template over your previous one :D

  2. fox two.... how come? I actually also prefer this but I really would like 3 columns .. aiyo .. blogger template very difficult to use ..

  3. Because... it's PINK! Haaa! Ok maybe for you should be GREEN but ok lah it looks... not so crowded..