Monday, January 21, 2008

How to save money?

Some times we might want to buy some luxury goods such as video cameras, computers or even an ipod. Or we might just want something mundane like batteries, whiskey glass or even something as small as cling wrap. No matter what it is that we want to purchase, consumers will ultimately want something value for money. In fact, I know of many people who are willing to travel to different shops just to compare the prices of a camera they wanted. Savebuckets is a website based in England that allows price comparison of goods hence consumers can always find the lowest price available. Consumers can now shop according to their budget and if none of the goods available is within their budget, Savebuckets also provides a free service where consumers can leave their email and maximum price they are willing to pay. Savebuckets will then inform the consumers when prices of their desired items change. Shopping and comparing prices online are really good ways to save consumers time and money not to mention the hassle of traveling around to find the best valued items.

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