Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mcdelivery....... ;D

Sat afternoons. Its either outside chionging or staying at home nua-ing. What do you do when you get hungry??

It just so happened today that I was having a headache. So we decided to order McDonalds. Those who ordered via phone will know that phone calls take long to be picked up. After the operators finished taking your orders (though all the "huh-ings") it takes another agonizing 45mins before the delivery man reaches your door step at the final 5secs before 45mins up.

So we ordered.... online! It so happened that we ordered online with Claire the other day and the service was fast and it was easy to order online as long as you had your debit/credit card with you.

Plus the additional entertainment when we were asked to fill in the delivery instructions.
*knock on the door 3 times and shout "food is here!" if no one open the door, turn around 3 times on the spot and knock on the door 3 more times, if no one answered, turn around 3 times again and bark . . . *

We decided to try again this afternoon .............

and hey the delivery is even faster. Food arrived in less than 20mins!

No more "huh-ing" on the phone with phone operators from now on!

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