Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tagged by Janice!

A few tags to do today ;D Here is one that I have been putting in my blog folder for a week or so.. now the temperature's just right ;P

Tagged by Janice

1. Jeslyn loves to eat: Desserts that are not so sweet and strawberry puree.
Jeslyn hates to eat: Bananas and papayas
Jeslyn loves to go: To the beach! Under the sun! With very little people around~
Jeslyn hates to go: To places full of ciggy smoke.
Jeslyn loves it when: She can slim down enough to wear that pair of shorts.
Jeslyn hates it when: People try to force their point of view on me.
Jeslyn loves to see: Babies!
8. Jeslyn
hates to see: People fighting to get a seat on World-class transport.
Jeslyn loves to hear: Cheer Chen sing.
Jeslyn hates to hear: Elephants bumping around upstairs.

This tag goes to Claire, Jiayi, Pauline, Qian Qian

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