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2007 Asia Beatbox Competition + 5566 erm concert?

Yoo hoo~~~~! I'm back! Hee..... ;D

Wanted to blog about my trip to Malaysia for the new year but lazy me still haven't recover from the 7 long hours of travel and the loss of blood ($$) from my pocket.... hehe but really thank you to all who smsed me new year greetings just when I crossed the border and my hp changed to auto roam keke... you can go and buy 4D to celebrate the great timing ;D I also read all the comments and wishes on my blog but I wasn't able to do anything as the internet connection somehow went haywire the few days I was there. (Must be my magnetic field *sweatz*) Sorry Trin that I wasn't able to make it on time to vote for ya... I hope everything went great for ya.

Before I went for the trip I talked about the 5566 concert which Claire got me all excited over... Why excited? Because of . . . . HIM~!

Wee~~~~ weet! 帅!

Although I am not someone who goes totally for looks but he simply caught my eye when I first notice 5566. He is everything I will look for in a guy if you solely talk about looks. A lot of girls will say their idol is the best, got the best personality etc but I won't do that, perhaps its cause of age but I know I don't know the real him and will never know so its not up to me to say how good he is though I know he is someone who does not care about image looking at the things he do. keke.....


Oh let me clear my drool then continue the story yeah?

In the end, it turned out not to be 5566 concert but 2007 Asia Beatbox Competition with 5566 as guests. The venue is at Expo Max Pavilion which is not such a good place to watch concerts though the sound system is good.

They are the previous competition's winners and frankly~ I think they are great!

I am not a big fan of Beat box but I appreciate good music and great performances. I know the beat box here in Asia is nothing compared to those overseas but I am really glad that people are beginning to learn and appreciate it even if they had to lure people using 5566 as guests.

There are 10 contestants who are judged by the judges according to criteria like creativity, pitch and etc there was also this criteria where they were measured by how loud the audiences clapped which I think was very unfair.

Contestants uses gimmicks like dance team and a bit of play acting to bring in their creativity and to enhance the "realness" of their beat boxing and to make things more interesting. However, we must really applaud them as all these required thinking and the time and effort taken to rehearse.

While the judges and competitors took a rest, the special guests came on, Darren (Superstar winner - I think) Milo Bing (Super band winner - I think) wah~ why are there so many "I think (s)"? Well, you can't blame me as I am not a TV watcher. I only watch channel 56 where they show Taiwanese variety shows (with lots of 5566)

The first guest to come on stage is Darren (is it?) where he sang some songs which I've already forgotten. Hmm... not particularly interested in him although he sang way better than most people currently in the music industry (Love Love Love 不管长短。。。。)

10 contestants have to face some hard time while judges and audiences decide 2 contestants who cannot continue to further rounds of the competition. The competitors were then divided into groups where they PK-ed (meaning battle each other) using beat box. Very exciting as we watched the first group which contained the 2 of the more promising competitors (Both Claire and I felt)

After the PK is yet another round of rest where Milo Bing came on stage. I did watched them when they compete for Super Band and thought they are a promising group. Their style of music differs from normal Singaporean composers, they are creative and can stand on their own although they do need to improve on their singing. That cannot be helped now since they are in the army.

Finally after another 2 rounds of PK, the final 2 contestants to battle before the judges to decide who is the best. My personal favorite is the one in brown although my favorite was already out of the competition. I don't know what was his name but I do like his beatboxing better than the one dressed in beige pants. He knows how to make use of his microphone and that is very important to anyone who sings or beatbox or does music. His beatbox is very upbeat and gives people the feeling of dancing to the beat.

After the pk comes 5566's guest performance!

This is the first time I hear them singing live and although there were some glitches like pitching problems, it can be very clearly seen that they are very used to big environments and used to performing at unfamiliar places. I think this is something that those interested in singing/performing have to learn. There was also once when Tony said they were going to sing "月儿光光“ but the ”喝采 was played. Their reaction was very fast to make the situation less embarrassing by saying "喝采" was more suitable to celebrate the high feeling of everyone and the wonderful performance by the competitors.

I did record their singing although its very shaky and full of screams from Claire whenever Sam Wang comes to the big screen.

After a few songs by 5566, comes the time to announce the winner of the competition!

Of course my favorite won! Congratulations!

Even though I was duped and this wasn't 5566 concert but I'm glad I came and saw the competition. If there's one next year, I would go and watch it too.

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