Sunday, February 17, 2008

Randomization of themuxicbox

Tagged by Xueyu for randomization project of themuxicbox!

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Well 7 facts is a lot for me to think... Lets go through this slowly ba

1. I don't eat meat with eyes attached. Meaning I refuse (as much as possible) and would not eat meat dishes if I can see the eyes on it. E.G Prawns with shells and eyes still attached. Fish with the eyes budging out. Crabs where I can see the beady black eyes. Because they give me this creepy feeling that they are looking at me eating them. *sweatz*

2. Love to eat desserts and hope to eat desserts without eating main course whenever we go out for dinner. Is this considered one? Though I seldom succeed in this as Dar, Phil and Claire will stop me in time.

3. Can't fall asleep for a few hours after drinking alcohol and will not vomit no matter how drunk. Can't explain this haha.

4. I have very intense curiosity towards music, games, internet, job scope and technology etc. However I have a bad habit that is I get bored easily too. Once I get the hang of it and found there is nothing new to learn, I will stop playing the game or gadget. This is bad because thats what makes people a Jack of all trade but a master of none. I stop playing O2jam once I got the hang of it. Audition and Maplestory becomes boring. Only blogging, doing financial reports and RPG games got me interested because you will never know what happen unless you continue doing it and new things comes up everyday.

5. whew~! *sweatz* even though its only the 5th fact about me! erm... Mood swings faster than traffic light change! ;P That is one characteristic I need to change.

6. I don't like people, esp males to touch me (not the RA type!)... touch as in even shoulder to shoulder, I will feel weird and have the tendency to cringe. This is in exception to a few males like my hubby (of course!), my penguin brother and Phil. Not this is one weird fact! ;P

7. Finally the last fact! I love to listen to singers who have 清脆的嗓音.. meaning the singer has got very clear (some say thin) voice. some like Cheer Chen, Fish Leong, S.H.E, Fan Fan and Mayday. (Coincidentally, they all write their own songs and are non-pretentious singers) In the past when I was in school choir, the method of singing was very different and tended towards thick, strong and rounded voice. So that time, I love to listen to people like Ah Mei. Sounds Easy changed my views though, not because we don't sing rounded voice in Sounds Easy but rather the genre of songs in Sounds Easy increased and I learn that different types of voice will suit different songs. I realized people with clear voices can touch my heart more.

Finally finished! I shall tag:

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