Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lighting up your home

When one moves house, choosing the lighting is a big headache. Its no longer the century when lighting means a lamp shade over a bulb. Nowadays, lights come in different shapes, uses and sizes. Like using spot lights to enhance a certain corner of the house, Lava lamps for the romantic feel, chandelier for the grandness and fine art lamps to enhance the theme of the house. I really like this frosted side glass lamp from Minka Lavery lighting, it has got this tinkle bell look that will fit into the theme of my house and the mini pendant shade from Forecast lighting will be perfect for my dining table.

However, one must be careful when choosing the lighting of the house as one need to consider not only how the lamp looks like but also the price, the voltage, availability of accessories, the usage and location of the lamp. A chandelier does not serve its purpose when put into a house of minimalist theme. A single light bulb certainly is not enough to light up the whole living room.

Its always good to make some comparison as different shops may offer different designs of lighting or different services. When we were doing the renovation of our house, we searched the internet for articles and ideas for lightings. We also went to more than one shop to look and compare before we settle on the final lightings. Though its troublesome to travel that way, making the correct choices makes all that quite worthwhile.