Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of yellow and ugly nails

Chinese New Year is here! With a lot of hustle and bustle going on, preparing to visit relatives at their homes and wearing new clothes! House visiting was fun though I did notice a lot of people feel uneasy taking off their shoes when going into the houses. They have got yellow and ugly nails! Yellow, brittle and flaky toe or finger nails. Or even worse, the flaking nails caused infections to the toes or fingers making walking or daily activities uncomfortable. Even if the nails can be covered with pedicure and manicure that are available on the market, the real problem isn't solved. Further, flaky and uneven nails will not give the pedicure and manicure good results. They should read up zetaclear reviews . Zeta Clear is a nail fungus treatment which provides solutions to yellow and flaky nail by using natural organic ingredients to restore the nails to their healthy-non-fungus look. Your nails will look beautiful and shiny even without pedicure and manicure.