Friday, March 07, 2008

wah la wah la Japalang Japalang!

Disclaimer: This is going to be a Japalang post (meaning everything mixed together) anyway I tried to make this disclaimer as small as possible but this is the only super fine print I can find. I bet you can read everything here. Oh well... I can't win those @#%$#$% companies with disclaimers in font size 2.5 right?

Hi dear all~ So sorry for the late late LATE updates.

Not because I am getting tired of blogging, its because I am not getting tired of playing game.

What game??

Well its this RPG 仙剑奇侠传4 (Chinese Paladin 4) that Dar bought for me that day we went to collect gown... He knows I just love to play game from the 仙剑 or Chinese paladin series.

Why do we see your Dar's head peeping out?

Erm... well thats because these pictures are screen shots and the game is only that big. It does not expand itself. And there are no settings to do it too.

This series of games required players to walk through maze after maze while fighting monsters. Challenging and the ending depends on how well you train your characters and how you walk through the maze. I find them more interesting than playing Maple Story (to be frank). The male lead is absolutely handsome too! Keke~~


This Sat morning, I will be leaving for KL for my wedding event. Its a custom for Teochew parents to give their daughters 四点金when they get married. My parents who normally don't care about customs, decided to get me a set. I don't wear gold as they made me itchy. But I can't buy platinum too as in Chinese language, its 白金which also means the money you give to someone's family during the person's funeral to help the living with their expenses and to signify the visitors care.

But they decided to buy the jewelery even if I am just going to keep it in the drawer. And we heard from the jewelery shop's keeper that my parents have to give their son-in-law a gold ring. I don't know whether that is true or the keeper just decided they need my parents to spend more there. (Any Teochew-ians to enlighten me?) But anyway, my parents did buy a gold ring for him. (which is too big)


And lastly, today's update (Mar 6) which will be the last for the week as I won't be back in Singapore till next Tues.

Had dinner at Sakae Sushi. And went about our ways to buy things in preparation for Sat and Sunday. I was like getting sad and grumpy as I thought

"huh? Thats all for my birthday??"

So as I queue up to buy bubble tea, I was suddenly greeted by a man holding a bouquet of sunflowers in front of me. Its Dar! And my favorite sunflowers! For someone who is into practicality and had to buy something I use/want (oh well... its the embarrassment as well)... buying flowers is a big project~~~

Although compared to previous years birthdays, this seems like very small and simple. But that's ok~~ we had been very busy at work, preparing for wedding and gaming. Dar just changed his job and although he did not mention much, I know he is quite stressed by it. Some more, we can't really afford a big celebration. Unless someone *hint hint* is willing to sponsor, my Paypal account is awaiting~~~

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