Monday, April 07, 2008

A new way to earn~

It’s the era of earning money. Even if your blog is a personal one, you can still monetize it. There are things call blog advertising where advertisers engage blog owners to write about them. There are many ways or forms of advertising like writing reviews about the websites or reviews of their products or simply post a pre-written article. However, for a normal bloggers such as me, getting deals from advertisers is difficult. There used to be no platforms for bloggers and advertisers to meet. BuyBlogReviews is a platform that works by getting advertisers to post requests for bloggers to bid on. Once the bid goes through, the blogger gets to work. Payments are made securely via paypal every 15 days from the end of the review. You don't have to wait for a minimum sum to be reached hence you can write as and when your schedule allows and don't have to worry about not getting your payment in 10 years!

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