Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hair, no matter the length, style, volume, thickness or quality, will affect how a person looks. Many times, during awards ceremony, stars and artists are often discussed on their hair styles and looks even more than the award itself! A normal person like you and I can also change our image and improve on our outlook or even up our self-confidence just by doing something to the quality or style of our hair.

Hair styles can easily be changed as long as the correct style and good hair stylists are chosen. However, its difficult to change the quality of the hair as different people have different conditions. Using normal off the counter products may work for some but not for others. Its more important to find out the reason for thinning hair first before choosing the treatment or product to use. That's the reason why great hairstylist, hair loss treatment, hair loss products, hair loss specialists are so highly sort after.

I've been plagued by oily thin/fine hair. My hair will grow limp and oily, clumping together by end of the day and even mid day. It affects my looks and also my mood for the rest of the day. Not only that, hair loss is also a big problem for me.

I certainly hoped I won't find myself with patches of balding hair before I do something about it~

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