Monday, December 29, 2008

How I wish . .

Yoz ... and a few more days to the New Year. Its a new year and a new beginning. Have you thought up of your NYR : New Year Resolution(s)? Mine will remain the same throughout all the years though I have never met it since upteen years ago. Haha!

Can you guess what it is then? Of course, my ever ongoing plans to be slim! (and its still on going) How I wished, I can get into that pair of jeans in my wardrobe. Even though we all know that curvy women have to wear bootlegs and flares and the blah blah blah, there's always the tiny little voice in our hearts whispering "Skinny, skinny~" Ok, I know a lot of people will say, if I have a ti~~ny bit more will power, I will be able to slim down. Maybe I should wish for more will power .... or or maybe the ability to sleep lesser or beautiful skin or .... hmm the list just gets longer doesn't it?

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