Monday, December 29, 2008

Judy Judy~


20th Dec is Judy's Wedding Day~~ Yeah~! Big Day! Hence this post is totally~~~~~ about Judy... The Judy I've known since Secondary Sch (12 years~ 12 years~~!) The Judy who is always so straight with people you'll know she won't ever lie to you or back stab you... the Judy who's always the life of the party~~~ The councillors days ... etc etc ...

So we had our hen's party~~ First at Fosters for a lovely dinner... we had wanted to dedicate a song for Judy but since the performer did not know how to sing, he sang another song for her in Spanish... though none of us know what he meant but since the song is nice... it doesn't matter so much ;D

Was quite a fun night since we seldom actually meet up each other though we have always remain in contact. Actually they are the only group of friends from Sec sch who still remain close to me after all these years....

Next is to Wala Wala! Being the clubbing queen of the group, this stop is inevitable.... chatting while enjoying the drinks and the cool wind... it was an enjoyable night.... ;D

It was at this place that we planned what games we are going to make Vernon go through before he can get to Judy ;P

7 (+3) games! A total of 2 stages: A Jie Mei stage and Judy Stage

We got to know Vernon via Judy and I have to say, he is really a very good guy~~ Judy's so lucky to get someone like him ;D (Way to Go Girl~!) However, knowing Vernon and playing games are 2 different things though we do try to make things meaningful for him and not just trying to embarress him .. In fact, there weren't anything embarressing for him ..(More for his brothers)

Ermm... yes, those are wings~! Fairy wings that our pretty bride borrowed from her company event for us ;D No doubt we had eyes staring at us ... but .............. Hack AH!

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