Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Furnishings and Decor

Usually I won't give much thought about the furnishing and decor that my mum buys. Since well, though it was my home, it's obviously not my house. Whatever that my mum wants to buy or use, she makes the decision and we would just use whatever she decides on.

Now that we have our own house and home, we realized that deciding what to buy is really complicated and difficult. You have to consider the price, the style, the quality and the user friendliness. Especially while comparing the price, its often tiring running from place to place just to compare the prices and colour for comforters or lamps.

However, this must be done as the decision involves spending money and some items just stay with you for a few months or even years. Just like renovating houses, the owner must like the decor and features. Otherwise it just defeats the purpose of spending so much money to have your own house.

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