Monday, February 23, 2009

Update and summary

I haven't been updating my blog. I won't say I am busy... though I AM busy... no wait am I busy?? Hmm ... (never mind~~)

Ok~ I admit! I'm plain plain lazy~ hey! Who won't be lazy right? Though my laziness is like for a damn long period of time.... (and I haven't even finish writing about my Cambo trip! (Still stuck in Day 1)

I've decided to continue on .... oh well... I will SOMEDAY continue to write on the Cambo trip anyway ... provided I still remember what happened. . .

Okok~ recent updates~ Judy's wedding~~ ;D That gal finally got married~ To a wonderful person whom we all give thumbs up for ... a teacher to be ;D

The Jie Meis~ Its us again~

Which belongs to Judy?(Psst~ the answer is ---------------------- none!)

Money money money~~~ *Sings*

Wedding dinner at Expo~

Our class gals~~ not all of cos~ Look at Renshi's red face~ really regretted Kampai-ing with her that night

Don't Judy look great in this red gown??

Xmas 2008~ The usual steamboat dinner with Claire, Jing, Yanxing, Phil, Dar and I... This time, no wastages of food~~ but there seems to be a shortage *sweatz*

Erm... Faults partly Claire and mine... cause we finished up the carrots while waiting for them to come ...

My present from Yanxing...., also got an MP3 player from Phil, Female monkey hp dangler from Claire~ ;D Christmas's rather quiet this year...

Mahjong~~~ Oops .. I mean Chinese New Year~

Maybe you won't believe it but I don't know Mahjong AT ALL. By "at all" means they even have to teach me to differentiate the circles and the bamboos.

We actually were having dinner at Holland V and thinking about what to do after that .. movie, KTV or .....

*dink* it came to us, we can play mahjong~ but we don't have any ... how? So we went about looking for places that sells mahjong (set and table) at 10pm at night.....

We managed to find one at the market place near Hol V and (even harder) to get a cab willing to drive us back home (Mine)

Tadaa~~~! *deng deng deng deng*

Player 1: The Mahjong

Player 2: The Shi Fu

Player 3: The Tow Kay

Player 4: The Joker~

After several rounds of trying-to-play-and-trying-to-explain-mahjong-to-total-klutz
I managed *yea~~~* to win a round by 自我的力量 (Own strength)Photobucket


but we didn't play with money cause I've stop all gambling since Primary 4.

Not bad for first timer yeah?

Then the God of the Gamblers (In the world of pooh bears and honey) came after their round of KTV (With the friends of the forest?)Photobucket

and little old me decided to retire for the night to try doing the puzzle that should have been done a year ago....

yeah a year ago .. but I've only just finished doing the sides and gathered the puzzle pieces for major parts of the puzzle

Of course after the new year round of mahjong I've had another round of practice ... though I didn't have very great wins or play faster than the God of gamblers (In the world of pooh bear and honey) but I did managed to win a few times (thrice) more using Photobucket

lolx .. but recently not only busy, tired and lacking in sleep .. I'm plagued by blisters, blisters and more blisters~~! Where else but from my shoes? But still, who told me to have the kind of feet which will blister wearing rubber slippers??


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  1. Such a cute post. I like the way you explain you win the MJ game through "self strength" LOL :):)