Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Health Vs Money

With prices of everything going up, our health kept going downhill. In addition to the falling cleanliness of air and water, the increasing level of stress affects our health too. In fact, human beings are so vulnerable, a whole lot of factors could affect us, even a tiny bacteria could wreck havoc to us.

Bird flu, Swine flu, SARS and any other illnesses that came suddenly with little warning. This tells us that Health needs to be monitored. But health is usually the one to be neglected when it comes to reducing cost and effort. Hence more advanced and cheap packages like Ameriplan for Dental and Ameriplan for Health are required. Packages that includes most of the common check ups and tests would be the best to enable people to monitor their health sufficiently without bursting their wallet. I planned to go for such a package as an annual check up on my health as well as my husband's health. Its better to know early than late. Its better to do something now than never.

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