Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheer Concert 4 Apil 2009


Although 4 April was like quite some time ago from today, I really really need to blog about this Cheer Chen Concert we went to....

Cause this was like the first time we bought such expensive tickets for concerts ($150~~~!) for non-siao-onz concert goers like us, such a pricing really burnt our pocket. Nevertheless, for Cheer, its definitely worthed it.

Concert was called "The Immortal" which actually was for her new album "Sun" though I'm not sure why it was translated that way.

I must admit it again, the Cheer fans cohort in Singapore is very small compared to Taiwan where Cheer was hot stuff and they called her 老师 (teacher) though I'm not sure whether its due to her talent in music or the way she puts different views of life, love and friends into words. Quite sad that a lot of people in Singapore goes for commercial songs that they can understand directly from the lyrics. Yes, I do admit that it takes some thinking to understand Cheer's songs.

This was the quietest concert I've ever been to ... at least the starting. With Cheer performing her gigs with a little more than her usual no frills style. With masks, 伸降台... she looked a bit uneasy and her fans including us were just sitting there quietly listening to her singing and of course mesmerized by the visual displays that changes according to the songs performed.

The audiences started to high when one of her older songs "Self" came on. This is one of my favourite songs and I can keep repeating this song when I travel from West to the East without getting bored. In fect I have to keep from singing out loud.

幾次悔過掩埋狂妄的惡魔感覺卻好像毀棄善良的自我幾次脆弱掩飾不甘的示弱這就是我 再說我也不特別渴求永久其實我也無法忠於單一感受靜止了 沉溺了無聲的滅絕 暈眩

She seems more of herself and at ease on stage when she finally shed her heavy dress and mask gimmick. I simply love it when she sings with just a guitar. When she sang this song 嫉妒I felt as if there was no one else there with me except for her. She is my "女神" .. as long as she sings, I don't mind sitting there for hours listening. I'm sure most of her fans felt that way too.

I will only cry when 2 persons sing. One is Fish Leong and the other is of course Cheer Chen. Especially when she sang this 失敗者的飛翔 and many many other songs like 嫉妒。。会不会。。。距离。。。鱼 .

In the middle of the concert, we were all damn high and stood on the (shaking) chairs when she appeared on motorcycle and her signature helmet, crane, mingle with the audiences and use guitar hero to introduce her band....

We had wanted to go to her Taiwan concert this year January and one more in November but of course not quite possible due to money and we weren't able to get the tic. (Tix sold out within 1 week from start of sales!!!)

This had become our dream and we really hoped someday it will come true ... accompanying with a trip to Kenting, Kaohsiung in Taiwan which was the home town of Cheer Chen and contained the beautiful beach that we all wished to visit...

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