Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Themuxicbox Unrevealed - Part 2

continued from Part 1..................................

I don't really have much of a memory of my Pri sch days. I just remembered that I was a transfer student(at Pri 1). Being a transfer student, I was definitely at a disadvantage as I was plucked away from friends whom I've just made and put to a place full of total strangers. I had to make friends all over again. As a child, I was rather scared that I cannot blend well into the groups.

People in my class were quite friendly. Especially the boys, I mixed with them rather quickly .... (Of cos! I was a Tomboy myself!) In fact, I always mix very well with boys when I was young. I like that guys don't bother whether you are prettier than them. They don't gossip about you or get angry over petty things. They don't shun you when you do things or think out of the group.

I remembered when I was in Pri 5.... I went swimming with my "best friend" (ahh~~ those days!) and got some cramps in the legs.... the very same night, another "gang" of girls called me up and ask me to go swimming with them the next day. I replied that I can't cause I went swimming with my best friend already (I can't tell them the truth! My mum's eavesdropping!)...

Naive me ...I became the enemy of that "gang" of girls the next day. Enemy! They shun me because I went swimming with my best friend and not with them! (how stupid to shun a person just because of that ..) I wonder.... if 7 different groups of girls ask me to go swim with them... that means I have to swim everyday of the week? Who says a gang of friends must always stick together... who says I have to do whatever they WANT me to do?

I wasn't a happy girl during my Pri sch days as rumors started to fly and enemies were made... haiz .... Another reason was because I was ugly ... FUGLY! With big black rimed spectacles, short hair, broad shoulders and dark complexion from swimming. and that explains why I did not take much photos of my Pri sch days *neh nehni bu bu~ don't show u photos!*


Its also during Pri sch that I joined choir~ since then I was always in choirs. I joined as an alto and graduated as an alto. However, that changed when I went into Secondary sch where I was transferred to the Sopranos. Performing on stage as a choir member and attending practices always make me happy even though I know I am just a small part of the group. Music is something that fascinates me. It makes me curious and wanting to know more. additional read

Being someone who does not like to travel (in Singapore), I chose a sch nearest to me and spend my next 4 years in there.

A very mis-understood person. Why? Because Teachers think I'm a good student when I am not. LOLX~ I read comics in class, play computer games till late at night and hang out at bowling centers after school even though I am a student councilor. I still managed to get good grades though but thats simply because I like studying. (at THAT time)

I'm a very curious person. Love to read history textbooks... love to see what color potatoes become when they touch iodine... Hence I will ponder and find out, research and read so long as it satisfy my curiosity.

Secondary 1 and 2 passed by quickly without any significance in my life. It was until secondary 3 that I found some real good friends who stayed with me even till now... and we took crazy photos:

(Guess which is me?)

(I'm sorry! Don't kill me for putting this photo up! But I know you all don't read my blog anyway tee hee hee)
I'm the one with the tie.... why so special? well... I'm a councilor remember? (gosh! See the ugly spectacles!!!)

Too bad I don't have a similar photo that shows how different we looked when we grew up. But I'm glad I got to know them. They formed the happier memories of my life. I still remember when we were silly and called each other things like "mother" (a guy!), "father" (a guy too!), "granny" etc... ;D

Another one of my very good friend from Secondary school is Phil (whose name shows up frequently here.. and I just had to mention him again). He's the one who introduced me to comics and computer games. (I'm not pushing the blame!) He's one person whom I am grateful to. For damn lots of reasons......

They are my real friends who accepted my quick temper, my laziness, my anti-social, my moodiness, my . . .
(sounds real bad)


and they are even willing to take leave so that they can go with me to KL for my wedding. *muackz*

The dark clouds quickly came by when I (and another 2 of my good friends) went to JC and the rest went into Polytechnic. Not that studying in JC is good or studying in Poly is not good. Just that we have lesser time to see each other. It becomes more difficult to act crazy together.

I had wanted to go into Poly too. However, I was restricted . . .

To be continue. . . . . . . .

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